Duse Automobiles

Duse Automobile

Same passion between father and son: prestige cars!

Duse Automobiles is a family business offering various services, such as the sale and purchase of new and used cars. Within this framework, it accomplishes all administrative steps related to it.

He started his career in the automotive field in 1968 as a Sales Manager at Lancia, Lausanne Palace garage. He decided to be professionally independent and founded his company in 1985 Duse Automobiles and passed on his passion for beautiful cars to one of his sons, Gaël Duse.

At that time, Gaël Duse was working in the world of finance, between Lausanne and Zurich. However, the passion passed on by his father was stronger. His interest in "premium" and "top of the range" cars grew stronger. Director of the Beau-Rivage garage and then manager of the AMG performance center in Lausanne. IIn this way, he develops special knowledge in sales and management and contributes to the reputation of prestigious brands such as Bentley and Mercedes Benz.

In 2022, thanks to their common passion for prestige vehicles, father and son have accumulated 76 years of experience. This solid knowledge allows them to offer prestigious services to their clients. Relationships of trust have been built through multiple purchases and sales of cars in Switzerland and abroad. 

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